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Jiro the practice dog writes for the Tanat Valley Chronicle and Lannwddyn newsletter
Paddington's Adventures Autumn 2018

I am Paddington, the youngest of the vets’ dogs. It’s never easy being the youngest of three. Strange things have happened in my life. To start with I used to be ableto squeeze through the small hole in the back door. After a few months I could only do it if I put my frontlegs through then turned sideways. Then suddenly one day I couldn’t do it at all.

One day I was in the kitchen and something smelt really nice so I ate all the small packets. The next day I had multi coloured poo with shiny silver bits in. It did give me a bit of a tummy ache. The kids seemed to think the little packets were theirs.

At the vets I have learnt it upsets everybody if I wee on the floor, but sometimes when I get excited I forget. My big brother Jiro, has taught me that when the patients go home I should raid the empty kennels of any remaining food. He says avoid cats they are seriously dangerous, I don’t understand this. I also don’t understand why they call small dogs cats.

I want to be on the meet end greet side but every time I slither onto reception everyone says, “Oh Paddington” and pushes me in the back. I think they think I hug people too much, but I like to look them in the face when they are speaking to me.

My middle brother, Hari, sniggers when I get pushed in the back. He says I’ll never aspire to meet and greet. I do find when I play with Hari he makes a tremendous noise and smiles so widely I can see all his teeth. Nowadays he wears a bandana so I think he may be looking for a girlfriend. I have my eye on a girl. She is blonde, Jiro says blondes are best.

His Mum was a blonde. I want to make a really good impression so I have started to brush my teeth. Wen she plays she doesn’t make that funny roaring sound Hari makes.

One of the other things that has happened is the boot of the car has shrunk. We used to all fit in nicely now it is a terrible squeeze.

My family laughs at me a lot, especially when the doors bump into me.. My legs keep getting in the way and knotting up so I fall over.

I think I will like being at the vets but Jiro says I still have a lot to learn. He won’t fully retire until I have finished my apprenticeship.

Do pop in and see me if you’re passing.

Paddington Arrives - June 2018

My name is Jiro, the practice manager, I can be seen sitting in the window of the vets. There is little I don’t know about being a vet’s dog.

My little brother, Hari, is five now and I have taught him as much as I can. He does still have an annoying habit of mugging people for cuddles. Hari and I are happy together snuggling up in the vet’s window.

Then one day, just as I knew it would, a new puppy arrived. I looked at him and sighed surely not another junior. I had been looking forward to retirement, my joints ache and I need a lot of sleep. However, it seems my Mum had other plans and Paddington had come to stay.

He has no manners and barges in to eat my food. At first I ignored him but he was so naughty I had to step in and show him the way. He wees indoors which is annoying because if I’m not careful I tread in it. When we go for a walk he follows in my shadow and sniffs at all the smells I find getting in my way.

I have learnt that when you see a terrier you move out the way quickly. If you see a dog bigger than you walk out the room backwards keeping a sharp eye on it. As for cats keep your head down and cover your eyes. Paddington, however, bounds in and says, “Hi I’m Paddington let’s play”.

He does tend to get a lot of attention in the vets which annoys Hari. Hari is very unhappy about no longer being junior.

He is very stubborn and refuses to teach Paddington anything. One day Mum saw Hari by the gate to our house encouraging Paddington to leave home. Paddington doesn’t care though he just blunders through ignoring Hari’s protests.

Paddington I think was a bear who had a habit of getting into trouble so I think perhaps his name was a good choice.

Jiro's Spring Blog

Hi I am Jiro the practice dog. My younger brother is Hari (Cocker Spaniel cross). I am glad it is Spring my joints were getting creaky.

Mum has been giving me omega oils and glucosaminoglycans. I had some radiographs and it seems I have lumbosacral disease which affects my back. There is something they can do for me but it involves taking a lot of blood (I’m already shaking at the thought of it!).

The rabbits are coming in for their myxomatosis vaccines (this is a nasty disease carried by rabbit fleas). I never look sideways at them – it’s against the rules. However when I am at home I happily chase them across the field.

My friend the cat has passed away with heart disease. She used to terrify me and if she sat too close I would shake. Then I got used to her strutting about as though she owned the place. We used to snuggle up together. Now it’s Spring I wonder if they will bring in a new youngster.

Hari is getting quite good at the meet and greet in reception so I’m taking a bit of a back seat. Although I never miss a night call, the other night we had some funny little Frenchies born. Although everybody cooed they were not as handsome as me.

There is life in the old dog yet I still manage to swipe someone’s breakfast from time to time when nobody is looking.

I continue to frisk the clients’ pockets as well.

Jiro the practice dog reflects on the Llanfyllin Show

Today is Llanfyllin show day. My Dad said maybe I should stay at home but my Mum said “No”. The stall is set up with a big jar of dog biscuits just out of my reach. My brother Hari and I are tethered near the human biscuits.

This is good because some might fall our way especially if children are involved.This year little Pixie pug has joined us and everyone thinks shes cute, I can’t see it myself. I like small blond ladies like Maltese terriers or Bichon Frises. I like a bit of flirting even though my Mum took my manhood away! This was because I had prostatitis but I don’t like to talk about it.

Today I am wearing one of my better leads rather than my usual piece of string or binder twine. Actually, I’ve also had my teeth cleaned recently and been brushed. Though I say so myself I look rather dapper.

My Mum decided to enter me in the dog show. I came first in the best local dog class. I got a red rosette that set my coat off rather well. Everyone was so proud of me.

There was a photographer there and Mum arranged for him to come up on the Sunday to take some photos of me. One of the twins was ill so the other one was left in charge. She failed to grasp that it was me he was here to photograph. Instead she grabbed her cat and posed this way and that. Hari and I are thinking of trying to sell her on ebay.

You might be wondering if Hari got a prize at the show. Well no he didn’t for one thing he’s like a little barrel. He’s even struggling to get through the cat flap now. I am glad to maintain my position as pack leader – best local dog.

I was only sorry I failed to attend the fastest sausage eater contest.

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