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*Covid 19 Advice*

Easing Lockdown In Veterinary Practice

During the initial 3 week period of lockdown routine pet vaccinations were temporarily suspended. Continuing suspension may compromise animal health.

We are now trying to get vaccinations that were postponed up to date. If you have concerns about your pet’s vaccinations please contact us. We are vaccinating puppies and kittens. Additionally the first yearly vaccination after the initial puppy and kitten course forms part of the primary vaccination and is important to maintain.

Neutering is now being carried out in certain circumstances. For instance if a cat is an outdoor cat we will neuter to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Older dogs may be neutered if it is at increased risk of an infected uterus, pyometra. Each individual case is assessed as to the best course of action.

Your most immediate point of contact will always be by phone. Emails are not monitored for emergencies. We are supplying repeat medications, worm, tick and flea treatments. These can be posted especially to people self isolating. Due to our small teams that are working on rotation, and reduced deliveries we are requesting 48 hours notice for medications, flea, tick and worm treatment.  To decrease further contact we are requesting payment by phone, this can also reduce contact when collecting from the vets. Although we can also do contactless payment.

Lockdown has been only slightly eased in Wales. For the safety of my clients and veterinary team we are continuing with a closed door policy. If you have an appointment then you need to ring the intercom and speak to us. We will then take your pet and carry and an examination. We request that if possible only one person comes to the door with the pet and you try to keep as closely as possible to your allocated time. At this time we are trying not to run accounts.

We appreciate these are difficult times for everybody but as always we are here to help.​


Covid 19 advice from Aran Vets

Aran Vets

We are totally committed to providing our best care to your pets. We treat patients as we would want our own pets to be treated, and we have a professional, friendly team of staff.

Aran Vets

Sarah Kendall-Taylor BSc Zoo Med MRCVS

I started my career as training as a veterinary nurse at the Royal Veterinary College. After qualifying I continued to work in practice enjoying a fulfilling career caring for various animals.

I accumulated two dogs, Elsa who had a mangled paw from being trapped in an escalator on the tube. I also had Trotsky who survived distemper but was no longer wanted by his family.

I went to night school and studied Pharmacology for 4 years whilst continuing to work as a veterinary nurse. This gave me the qualification to pursue a Zoology degree which led to me studying macaque monkeys in Japan.

On completion of this degree I worked in pharmacology but missed the animals. Then browsing one of the veterinary magazines I saw a vacancy in Llanfyllin which sounded perfect and so I arrived in Wales.

In 2003 I set up Aran Vet Centre with a committed staff all working voluntarily.

My aim was to provide a service treating animals as though they were my own. As a one man practice I am also able to give continuity of care.

I have some lovely regular locums who I would happily have treat my own special pets.

I now have a rescued noisy Bengal cat called, Asha; a Golden Retriever x Border Collie called Jiro. Jiro is my practice manager since he never answers back and he regularly writes in the local paper.

I also have a small Terrier x Cocker Spaniel rescued from a sack that had been thrown in the river.

Last but not least are my twins, my little girl is an avid cat lover and my son a dog lover. Perhaps I shouldn’t forget my long suffering husband.

Wonderful, friendly practice, with an excellent vet who puts you at ease.

Jenny Logan

Aran Vets

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